Sights & Landmarks

Buses regularly travel between Addis and Hawassa. Hawassa itself is best experienced by bike or on the foot. The city is located directly at the shore of Lake Hawassa and towered by the picturesque Tabor Mountain and the Haile Selassie Palace in Loke. Enjoy the wonderful lakefront view and watch the monkeys, birds and hippos. A rowboat offers another view of the town, particularly impressive during the early morning fish market. The main street sweeps past shops and cafes, the impressive Ethiopian Orthodox St Gabriel Church with its three golden domes, past the Sidama Cultural Hall to the shore of Lake Hawassa.

Service Delivery

Hawassa has set out its vision to ensure the sustainable growth of an industrial and service centre with the final goal of alleviating poverty by 2015 through fast and modern services, basic infrastructure and good governance. One of the main tangible impacts is achieved through the city’s goal of green and clean development. The city’s engagement in house-to-house solid waste collection as well as maintaining public greenery along the inner city boulevards supports poverty reduction efforts by employing Micro Enterprises and engaged households. The same is true with regard to cobblestone road construction and the daily cleaning of the main asphalt roads which also contribute to the overall cleanliness of the city. Interlinked with Hawassa’s overall development goals and involving the main public and institutional stakeholders, the city is currently implementing two Local Development Plans as part of the Urban Planning Reform and with support of GTZ. These Plans allow the integration and legalisation of former informal settlements into the overall development of the city. 

Higher Education

Hawassa University has about 5,000 fulltime students and 3-4,000 extension students attending one of its three colleges, 11 faculties and 46 departments.

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Hawassa has one TVET college, 10 private colleges and three government-owned and private Teachers’ Training Colleges. The Awassa TVET College, previously known as Awassa Business College, is located on the way to the Awassa Hospital.

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Investment opportunities

Hawassa is witnessing dynamic growth in real estate and other economic activities. The public sector is an important engine of the urban economy and Hawassa houses the regional government, regional services and a university. Municipal investment is currently concentrated on drainage construction, road rehabilitation, waste management and cobblestone roads. Most businesses in Hawassa are involved in trade and retail, catering to local and regional markets. Industrial activities include food processing, textiles and ceramics production, flower farms, baking and edible oil processing