Sights & Landmarks

Take a look at the artwork of Ethiopia’s famous artist Aferwek Tekle at the Holy Savior Catholic Cathedral. Discover the famous Midhane Alem Catholic Church and Adigrat Chirkos Church. Don’t miss the fertile plane of Ghiralta, with its rock-churches dramatically situated in impressive mountain ranges or the hidden Debre Damos monastery and Yeha temple. Finally, Adigrat offers its famous cactus fruit, Beles, tasty Tehlo and many more local foods.

Service Delivery

The city administration has proven its outstanding performance by the efficient and participatory implementation of the Urban Development Fund. The investment in recent years in flood-prevention and asphalt road construction, as well as new projects such as labour-intensive cobblestone paving is improving the environment for citizens. Additionally, the city has invested in housing (1,257 units by the end of 2002) in order to boost the construction sector and relieve the urgent housing situation. For the coming years the city has secured funding to improve water-provisions as well as the solid and liquid waste disposal. Adigrat recently finished the Urban Upgrading Plan of Jelba Sefer, the nucleus of Adigrat’s historic old-town. This will improve the lives of the urban poor, with a focus on woman and children.

Higher education

The Adigrat Industrial and Construction College prepares students for the construction sector and offers curricula in Electronics and Automation as well as in Garment Production.

For further information contact: 

Ato Kahase G/Medhin Fax: 034 44 45 47 21

Other TVET centres in Adigrat

Adigrat SDC TVET Institute: For more information contact:

Ato Teklehaimanot Gared

Tel: 034 44 45 25 78

The Ministry of Education recently announced the construction of a new university in Adigrat, strengthening the profile of the city as an educational centre. 

Investment Opportunities

Trade and manufacturing play the most important roles in Adigrat’s economy. Existing factories process honey, cactus fruits, liquor, food-oil, as well as pasta biscuits and spring water bottling. Pharmaceutical and cosmetics clusters have expanded quickly, followed by the manufacturing of construction materials. Silica for glass production and other minerals are found in Adigrat’s surroundings. Additionally, the booming tourism industry will benefit from efforts to make the city a conference destination. Finally, the city is looking into strengthening its transport and trade sectors by allocating land for a dry-port and train station.