Sights &, Landmarks

Locals refer to the mountains as the “Mountain Conference”, since the green cones seem to have come from far away to meet at this magical place. Visit the famous Yeha Temple dating back to the 8th century B.C. Adwa was the religious centre of the 9 saints who brought Christianity to Ethiopia. Thus, numerous religious buildings dot the city and its surroundings, offering tourists to experience unforgettable adventures into Ethiopia’s rich history.

Service Delivery

In the last years, the city administration has modernised and is now providing efficient services to its citizens and investors through its ‘one-stop-shop’. The provision of housing is progressing fast; at its final stage, more than 950 units will have been built, reducing the scarcity of housing for Adwa’s citizens. The newly erected dam provides water for the growing number of citizens and its water-intensive industries. Current projects will extend the electricity network and provide a semi-autonomous electricity supply. Infrastructure provision is a priority for the city administration. The new cobblestone road, the recently finished asphalt road, and the construction of drainage lines indicate the growing efficiency of the municipality. From this year onward, the city will have additional access to financial resources and support from the Urban Development Fund, which will boost the provision of infrastructure even more.

Higher Education

There are three private colleges in Adwa focusing on construction and building materials, such as the famous Teachers Training Institute, which provides Adwa with highly skilled labour.

Investment Opportunities

Situated at the main highways of Tigray and close to Aksum airport, Adwa offers easy transport possibilities. An abundance of highly skilled labour produced by the city’s one governmental and three private colleges, focus on construction and building materials and the production of high-class construction materials. Adwa’s marble and stone factory is well known and the city is located in mineral-rich surroundings. Furthermore, Adwa’s textile-industry is growing. The Almeda textile factory produces fashion for Ethiopia and the world and the city is home to two shoe factories, a spring water factory, and various hotels. Adwa and Aksum are currently serving as pilot projects for investments opportunities to their tourism sector. The city administration and the proud citizens of Adwa are dedicated to bringing the city back to its leading position as the engine of development for northern Tigray.