Arba Minch

Sights & Landmarks

Arba Minch is set within the densely forested southern tip of the Ethiopian Rift Valley at the shore of the Abaya and Chamo lakes. Surrounded by the Kulfo River and 40 natural springs, Arba Minch is home to many important water sources. Natural forest reserves embrace the city and you can visit the Nech Sar National Park, the crocodile ranch and mountain ranges with the spectacular ‘God’s Bridge’ (ye Igzer Dildiy). Arba Minch is the perfect setting to see the region’s wildlife. 

Service Delivery

Important infrastructural budget decisions are taken by the city based on a three year Capital Investment Plan, interlinked with Arba Minch’s overall participatory development goals in increasing the city’s environment and its citizens` mobility. The city´s remarkable and environmentally sound urban ecological sanitation approach in partnership with the Arba Minch University and the European Union is complemented by a continuous focus on expanding the storm water drainage system. The extension of the city´s road system through asphalt, gravel and cobblestone roads improves mobility and boosts transport and investment opportunities in the inner city. In terms of its Urban Planning Reform, the city is currently underpinning its public investments through the preparation of its structural plan and first Local Development Plan. 

Higher education

Inaugurated in 2004, the Arba Minch University promotes water resource development and environmental protection.

The University is one of East Africa’s only specialised water resource institutes, with Faculties of Engineering, Applied Sciences, Business, and Economics, a school of post-graduate Studies and the Water Technology Institute. 

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Arba Minch TVET College, known previously as Arba Minch Industrial College, is located in the centre of the town on the way to the Hospital. The Arba Minch College is part of the Industrial Technology Transfer linkage between the University and the two Colleges in Arba Minch and Durame. 

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Dean Ato Sapa Sata:

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Phone 046 881 06 94

Arba Minch aims at fruitful cooperation with research institutes such as the Arba Minch University and in projects such as the European Union funded Resource-Oriented Sanitation concepts for peri-urban areas in Africa.

Contact to Ato Sappa Sattla (046 8810694)

Investment opportunities

Arba Minch is an attractive location for investment in tourism, agro-industry, recreation, and real estate. The city’s main industrial branches concentrate on textile production based at the 193 million Birr Arba Minch Textile Mill and weaving, agricultural production and tourism. It is located 550km south of Addis Ababa and is served by a national airport and major highways.