Sights & Landmarks

Known for its friendliness, the citizens of Assosa will give visitors a warm welcoming. Embedded in a breathtakingly beautiful landscape, the city fuses natural, historical and cultural highlights. When visiting the region, the SheikHojele Al- Hasan court and his tomb, the Assosa museum, the Gondil standing stones, the Hoha waterfall and the Menge forest should be on each traveler’s ‘to do’ list. Assosa museum is a further must-see. It displays a great collection of historical and cultural items such as paintings, arms and musical instruments. 

Service Delivery

Assosa’s international airport was built recently in an effort to increase the region’s accessibility. Visitors can now choose to go either by plane or to take the road linking Ethiopia to Sudan via the Assosa-Kurmuk route. The recent completion of the Addis Ababa-Assosa asphalt road and the Sherkole-Guba road have improved transportation to the capital and neighboring regions significantly. The construction of Assosa-Kurmuk asphalt road is also underway. Services such as fixed and mobile telephone services, potable water, hydro-electric power, internet access, and postal services are also up and running. 

Higher Education

Assosa city has a number of public and private institutions of higher learning, including Agricultural and TVET colleges. The Government is in the process of establishing a new university in the city and its construction is already underway. In addition, seven private institutions of higher learning, located in the city, may contribute towards economic, social and cultural development.

Investment Opportunities

Assosa and the surrounding areas are blessed with large spaces of flat and arable land, a fa­vourable climate, and immense water and mineral resources, like gold and marble. Also, Mango production in and around Assosa is abundant. The city is a major hub on the way to Sudan. Investment opportunities exist with regard to agriculture and agro-processing, the hotel industry and tourist lodges, the pro­duction of metallic and non-metallic minerals, commercial buildings, and oilseed-related un­dertakings. As a whole, the investment oppor­tunities within the city and the region may be best described with the phrase “full of variety”. 

Contact Address

Assosa City Administration

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Assosa, Benishangul-Gumuz

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