Sights & Landmarks

Axum’s most impressive sights are the royal tombs and their fabulous markers: the steel is cut from hard, local granite. Furthermore, a trip to St. Mary of Zion Church, home to the Ark of the Covenant, provides a chance to visit the archaeological and ethnographic museum. Axum’s surroundings are dotted with fascinating relics, such as the ancient Palace of the Queen Sheba and the Abba Pantaleon church hosting the tomb of one of the eight saints who brought Christianity to the Axumite Kingdom.

Service Delivery

Within the decentralisation efforts of the country, Axum has embarked on a wide range of reforms for its citizens and investors geared towards service delivery and infrastructure improvement. The city has produced a three year Capital Investment Plan in close consultation with residents. Based on this it has invested in multiple public sanitation points, a slaughter house and drainage network. Funds have been secured to extend the water and electricity supply and the city will broaden and develop a new Master Plan to provide land to investors between its new university and the city. Finally, Axum has provided 534 cost efficient housing units this year alone, with 488 additional units to be completed. They have been transferred to residents with 20% of the houses allocated to women-headed households. With a view to sustainable development, Axum is strengthening its financial capacity through various revenue enhancement measures and by launching the improved financial management system.

Higher Education

Inaugurated in 2007, Axum University is promoting the city as a new regional hotspot for higher education with a capacity of 9,000 students organised into five faculties. More information can be found at:

The city also hosts the Axum Business and Service College and the Axum Health College.

Investment Opportunities

Axum’s tourism industry is booming. The continued promotion of Tigray as a major tourist destination has resulted in a rapidly growing number of Ethiopian and international visitors. The region has invested in its road infrastructure and can boast a quality land-connection to Axum. The city hosts international standard hotels and a branch of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. Furthermore, the Regional Tourism Sector Economic Development Plan aims to expand important service infrastructure, such as an international airport, a tourism service school, handcraft markets and high quality resort facilities.