Sights and landmarks

Take a boat trip and visit the ancient island monasteries and churches on Lake Tana. Then take a walk through the city to experience its amazing hospitality. Finally, journey to the Nile Falls and witness the full force of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia. 

Service delivery

Bahir Dar’s service delivery focuses on labour-intensive infrastructure projects, like cobblestone paving, street lightning, drainage, and market upgrading. A sanitary landfill site, supported by the German Development Cooperation, is under construction and will enable the already successful outsourced door-to-door waste collection service. More than 5,000 young people are so far involved in the cobblestone projects and the disabled, young women and young people living on the streets have been integrated and assisted in finding new job opportunities. An Integrated Development Plan and newly designed Local Development Plan is guiding the rapidly growing city and its land demands. The cadastre and land administration office is providing an excellent service regarding available land plots. Finally, the city’s Good Governance is strengthened by efficient institutional arrangements resulting from Business Process Reengineering and the participation of citizens in decision-making processes.

Higher Education

Bahir Dar University, founded in 2000, combines two former higher educational institutes: the Polytechnic Institute (est. 1963) and the Teachers College (est. 1962), which became the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Education, respectively. The Faculty of Business and Economics was added in 2001 and the Faculty of Law in 2003. Bahir Dar University has the only Textile and Garment institute in Ethiopia, as well as a school of Agriculture and the Institute of Land Administration.

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TVET Colleges

The Bahir Dar TVET College offers courses in 35 occupations. Private colleges provide training in health, teaching, business and service occupations, while public institution have IT and technology occupations and health.

Investment Opportunities

Bahir Dar is dedicated to providing a good environment for investments. Textiles and weaving, with a good incubation centre and excellent contacts, are expanding at a remarkable pace. The city’s agro-industry is embarking on flower, oil-seed, and fruit production. The construction material sector is a promising field for investment and the cobblestone sector is paving the way for new expansion sites. Tourism and Real Estate development also show potential in a naturally attractive environment. Finally, 3,587 condominiums will soon be completed and an additional 130 shops are available for businesses.