Debre Markos

Sights & Landmarks

See the famous Markos Church, cradle of renowned national writers and the King’s burial place. You can see the old crown of the ancient King and paintings revealing the Tekle Haymanot’s battle against the Sudanese Mahadists. The great central monument marks the victory where a mere of 300 members of the combined Ethiopian-Allied army defeated more than 1,400 Italian troops in April 1941.

Service delivery

A new and efficient institutional arrangement, resulting from the city’s recent Business Process Reengineering, is providing the citizens of Debre Markos with very good services. The focus is on labour-intensive infrastructure projects like cobblestone paving, where the formation of MSE’s is encouraged. Disadvantaged groups in the community are invited to benefit from these projects. The city is also designing a project to generate additional funds. Heavy machines for infrastructure development will be ordered for the city’s work and will be rented renting out to generate income. Debre Markos’s water supply service improvement is supported by the German Development Cooperation; potable water will be available for all citizens with a capacity of 140L per second and will serve the entire city. Finally, 512 condominium units have been constructed and 27 shops are partly finalized.

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Higher education

Debre Markos University was founded in 2007. While new, it has seven faculties and more than 8,000 enrolled students.

For more information contact:

Academic Research V/President

Ato Yilkal Kefale

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0918 70 97 54

A public TVET College provides training in 35 occupations. There is a close link between the private and the public sector in Debre Markos.

Contact person:

Ato Dereje Shiferaw Negash

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0587 71 26 32/- 77

Investment Opportunities

Debre Markos is a highly attractive location for investment. The newly-established bamboo incubation centre with its network and a well-established construction material sector are promising fields for investment. Agro-industry and agro-processing in the west of Amhara and its hinterland also has huge potential. Teff and other grains, oil-seeds and pulses are widely available. Honey and dairy production, as well as animal fattening, are special fields in Debre Markos.