Sights & Landmarks

Visitors can explore Dilla’s central market, with its diverse agricultural and manufactured products, finishing with a cup of the unique Yirga Cheffe coffee or a fresh pineapple juice in one of the town’s numerous cafés. The beautiful mountainous landscape around Dilla hosts one of the most archeologically significant pre-historic sights in Ethiopia: the stelae fields south of Dilla.

Service Delivery

In regard to the Urban Planning Reform, Dilla was the first Ethiopian city to prepare its own Local Development Plan (LDP) which regulates the growth of the city, creating a new economic sub-centre. Through extensive experience sharing of its LDP, Dilla’s city officials, with the support of GTZ, are contributing to the development of cities throughout Ethiopia as they strive to become capable and transparent service providers. Closely interlinked with participatory urban planning, Dilla is investing in essential infrastructure such as roads and sanitation. A new solid waste management concept, door-to-door waste collection, as well as an improved storm water drainage system contributes to the overall appearance and environmental quality of the city. A strong emphasis on public works through Small and Micro Enterprises has also reduced poverty and unemployment through projects such as housing and cobblestone road construction.

Higher education

Dilla University has almost 8,000 students, five faculties and the Institute of Indigenous Studies – the first of its kind in the country. The University offers Teacher Education and Social Sciences, Humanities, Economics and Rural Development. It conducts research on indigenous knowledge, cultural heritage, history, indigenous resource management and the preservation of endangered languages.

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Dilla TVET Institute, previously known as Dilla Construction Institute, is located in the centre of town on the way to the University. The Dilla Institute runs courses in Industrial Technology, Electrical Engineering Electronics, Auto Mechanics, Building Construction, Business and ICT and offers the new Ethiopian Occupational Standards in Building Construction and Metal Manufacturing.

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Investment opportunities

Dilla, its surroundings and good transport connections offer ideal opportunities for investment in coffee, fruit and food production. The city is investing in improved drainage and waste management as well as market upgrading and road technology with regard to urban infrastructure. Dilla’s beautiful landscape, amazing views of Lake Abaya and the pre-historic sites surrounding the city are ideal foundations for investment in eco-tourism.