Dire Dawa

Sights & Landmarks

Don’t miss out on Ethiopia’s only railway line running from Dire Dawa to Djibouti! This unique opportunity allows you to explore eastern Ethiopia and experience the dream of Emperor Menelik II. Discover the city’s two centres around the river Dechatu. Enjoy a walk through new avenues and explore the city’s modernity. Finally, follow the Christian Orthodox pilgrims to the Holy St. Gabriel’s Church in Kulubi close to Dire Dawa. 

Service delivery

Dire Dawa is undertaking enormous infrastructure projects. The three year Capital Investment Plan contains publicly identified priority projects including: flood protection walls, landfills, drainage, cobblestone, office complexes, asphalt and gravel roads and public and communal latrines. These projects have improved the comfort of the residents, creating access to service delivery vehicles and improving the hygiene of neighbourhoods. Moreover, the projects are labour intensive and generate employment opportunities for the unemployed youth. The cobblestone project is a notable example both in terms of the economic and the social gain it brings to the city. So far 27km of cobblestone roads have been constructed and the ongoing road construction provides a lifeline for many young people and women. Finally, GTZ assists the city’s ongoing reforms in the areas of municipal finance, urban planning and Infrastructure.

Higher Education

Dire Dawa has recently constructed its university. It enrolled 5,000 students last year and expects 7,000 students this year. There are five faculties at the University: Technology, Law, Social Science and Languages, Natural Science and Mathematics and Business and Economics.

Haramaya University is one of the oldest universities in Ethiopia is located in Alemaya, 40km from Dire Dawa.

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Investment Opportunities

Dire Dawa is an attractive location for investment in heavy industry, textiles, cement, commercial centres, agriculture as well as certain minerals. The city’s booming tourism industry has resulted in many new, international standard hotels. Additionally, Dire Dawa has Ethiopia’s only international airport outside of Addis Ababa and is a key location for international trade. Finally, the city’s surrounding road network has been recently modernised and provides access to the whole of Eastern Ethiopia and beyond.