Sights & Landmarks

The Baro River is Gambella town’s most captivating landmark and cannot be missed by visitors. It divides the city into two and is considered the life-line of the region. Perhaps because of its existence the region is also called the Greenland of Ethiopia, rich with wildlife and fertile grounds. It is worth devoting some time to the bridge over the Baro River which is the second largest in Ethiopia. The bridge is 305 meters long and offers a view one is not likely to forget. A further spectacle is the public bathing, which is carried out during summer and promises loads of fun. For visitors who like to go for hikes the climbing of the Jejebe hill is a must. The hill can be seen from any part of the city and offers a breathtaking view.

Higher Education

There are 3 governmental colleges and one TVET in Gambella town. The colleges offer courses in nursing, pedagogy and agriculture. There are some private colleges operating in the city as well. 

Investment Opportunities

Because of its fertile land, agriculture is the backbone of the region’s economy. International as well as local investors have realized this potential and have begun to invest heavily in agriculture. The same applies to the mineral wealth of the region, which has not yet been exploited. Gambella is rich with natural resources and suitable for floriculture, the export of agricultural products, gold mining, gas exploration and much more.

The proximity to Southern Sudan makes investment even more attractive as goods can easily be transported to Sudan.