Sights & Landmarks

Take a walk through the local market which sells almost everything imaginable, experience a camel ride, or just enjoy Jigjiga’s hospitality while you eat one of the city’s famous samosas. Soon you will discover Jigjiga’s unique and colourful atmosphere. 

Service delivery

Jijiga is reforming its administration geared towards improving service delivery to citizens and promoting good governance. The reform has been participatory and recent public forums to communicate the reform agenda have attracted thousands of the city’s residents, religious leaders and elders as well as public offices. A joint action plan for the reform has been discussed, approved and is now being implemented. This process is supported by the Ministry of Works and Urban Development and GTZ. The city launched the expansion of basic infrastructure and carried-out the construction of asphalt roads, drainage for market stalls, cobblestone roads and office complexes. The city’s new master plan is currently under discussion for approval. Finally, a big asphalt road project and a new referral hospital will contribute to the city’s transformation.

Higher Education

The University of Jigjiga has more than 1,500 students.

Investment Opportunities

Jigjiga is a highly attractive location for investment in agro-industry and commercial centres. Construction of the city’s airport will soon be completed and a new road network allows for the easy transportation of goods from the Somali Region to the port of Berbera, a few hours drive away.