Sights & Landmarks

Take a look at the green city of Kombolcha, with its churches and mosques, a city surrounded by fertile hinterland. Feel the relaxed atmosphere of the Piazza and take a coffee on one of the flower-entwined terraces. Walk throughout the newly paved cobblestone streets. 

Service delivery

Kombolcha’s Capital Investment Plan focuses on labour-intensive infrastructure projects, such as cobblestone paving, street lighting and masonry drainage. Liquid and solid waste management projects are supported by the German Development Cooperation. A Master Plan and recently designed Local Development Plan has guided growth of the city. Good Governance is part of the project implementation and all projects are discussed and agreed upon with the public. The recently finalized cadastre is securing land plots for investment.

Disadvantaged groups in the community are invited to benefit from labour-intensive projects. Since their start, physically and mentally disabled people, young women and people living with HIV/AIDS have been integrated and assisted in finding new job opportunities. More than 3,000 young people are involved in the cobblestone sector alone. Finally, more than 1,500 newly constructed condominium units will soon be completed and an additional 40 shops are available for businesses.

Higher Education

Wollo University, also known as Dessie-Kombolcha University, has 29 departments and seven faculties, among them: Health Science, Education, Informatics, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Business and Economics and Law and Science and Technology. The University currently has around 8,718 enrolled students.

For more information contact:

Ato Moges Logaw

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M: 0914 31 05 59

T: 0331 19 05 83/-79/-89

Kombolcha’s TVET centres provide training in 35 occupations. Three more centres will be established and cooperation between the public and private sector has gained a good reputation.

Kombolcha TVET College:

Ato Ali Abate

(0335 51 24 90/-91)

Kombolcha Agricultural TVET College:

Ato Usman Jibo

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Investment Opportunities

As an important transit point from Amhara to Afar, Kombolcha is a highly attractive place for textile and metalwork, construction materials and agro-processing. The city’s experiences, networks and good incubation centres are leading to a growth in business. Kombolcha has a highly motivated and well-trained labour-force and sits at the crossroads to the East where big stores and facilities are ready for trade and investment.