Sights & Landmarks

See the impressive Martyrs Memorial Monument, visible from most parts of the city! It hosts an interesting exhibition of Tigray’s Liberation fight. Visit the palace of Yohannes IV at the northern edge of Mekelle. Additionally, many fascinating churches and rock-churches can be found in and around Mekelle. Another highlight is the beautiful local market which invites you to shop for fine handicrafts and jewellery. Mekelle hosts several modern hotels and restaurants where you can taste typical Tigrean dishes.

Service Delivery

The city’s new Master plan has resulted in almost 13,600 formalised plots, providing security to citizens and making Mekelle one of the few Ethiopian cities without informal settlements. 16 Local Development Plans are providing urgently needed land to dwellers and investors and a sustainable infrastructure for all. The Master Plan is complemented by a new transport/road network and drainage plan as well as a detailed cadastre. Mekelle’s sanitation system is modernising rapidly to provide a healthier environment for its citizens. The recent introduction and heavy investment in cobblestone paving has created approximately 10,000 jobs for the urban youth. Multiple MSEs have been created and competitive bidding will be introduced to reduce costs and bring more transparency. 

The city is proud of its new and efficient institutional arrangements that derive from the Business Process Reengineering. The strong participatory approach and the enhanced communication with citizens through a local radio station symbolise the modern and effective administration. 

Higher Education

With over 20,000 students, Mekelle University has outstanding standards of education, teaching, research and consultancy. For more information visit:

The Mekelle Institute of Technology is Ethiopia’s elite university for Computer Science and Electronics. Mekelle also hosts several high-quality private colleges and reputed TVET centres. 

Investment Opportunities

Mekelle provides an attractive environment for investors in agro-processing and manufacturing. Textile and leather sectors are appealing and its metal cluster is expanding. Agro-processing is growing at a remarkable rate. Poultry, animal husbandry and related value chains are on the rise and opportunities exist in cash-crops and food-processing. Additionally, the industrial production of animal food and beverages, as well as the processing of honey, meat and dairy products, has immense potential.

A cement factory and a multitude of small enterprises produce construction materials for Tigray and its neighbours. Finally, the cobblestone trade offers business opportunities, since the city is dedicated to paving all its roads.

The new international standard airport provides two daily flights to Addis Ababa and several other destinations.