Sights & Landmarks

Afar is a land of contrasts: from Mount Mousa ale (2,500m above sea level) to the Danakil depression (116m below sea level), from the waterless lake As’ale to the evergreen banks of the Awash river. In between, you will find the tourism hub of Afar - Samara. South of Samara city see the birthplace of Lucy (Dinknesh), in 1974, and Aramis, where Ardi, the oldest and most complete hominade, was recently discovered. Visit famous spots like Erta’ale and As’ale,. 

Service Delivery

Under proclamation No. 34/1998, Samara has been given the status of “City Administration”. The city has a functional master plan. Developed on 450ha., the city administration has allocated vast spaces of lease-free land to investors and Industry (56.7ha.) and for expansion and tourism (100ha.). Finally, a referral hospital, health centre, national museum and other facilities are located in the city.

Higher Education

Samara city Administration is home to one of the 13 newly built universities, Samara University, and, Samara Health College. A high school, junior secondary school and boarding school for female students are also under construction.

Investment Opportunities

Samara is located at the Ethio-Djibouti highway and is a main trade route. The region is rich in minerals and energy sources like bentonite, sulphur and other precious minerals. Geo-thermal energy is also an attractive sector for investors. The vast and virgin land of Afar is a prime location for agriculture, in poarticular for food processing, forage processing, etc. Due to its poximity to the government initiated Tendaho Sugar Plantation, Samarais is ideal for livestock fattening and agro-processing plants. The federal government has chosen Samara to be the dry port of Ethiopia. Investors can engage in warehouse development for fragile goods, hotel construction and other fields.