Sights & Landmarks

Enjoy the colourful and friendly city of Shashamane and visit the famous Rastafarian Museum! Not far from Shashamane’s busy city life you can take a warm and relaxing shower in the natural hot springs of Wendo Genet, a popular destination for Ethiopian’s looking for a break. The amazing and untouched countryside around Shashamane from Awasa to Langano will make you see why this place is called Genet – Paradise. 

Service delivery

The city’s new Master Plan, prepared in collaboration with Oromia RUPI and GTZ, will soon be implemented with details of the Local Development Plan. The city is constructing 3.5km of asphalt roads and has so far completed 1.3km of cobblestone paving. To avoid flooding, 7.1km of drainage lines are being laid with the support of the Urban Local Government Development Programme and 72 families who were displaced by the floods of 2008/9 have been resettled. Shashemene is recognised by federal and regional governments as a model for youth centres, its youth development programmes and its strong emphasis on public participation.

Higher Education

In addition to a number of private University Colleges and TVET institutions, Shashamane is home to the public Health Science College and the private Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Hawassa University. The public Shashamane TVET College focuses on the Construction Sector, while the Health Science TVET College provides the hospital with skilled personnel.

For Shashamane TVET College, contact:

Ato Aman Kasim

(046 11 03 807)

For Shashamane Health Science TVET College, contact:

Ato Worku Dugasa

(046 11 80 147/37) 

Investment Opportunities

Shashamene provides one of the best environments for agro-processing. With ample raw materials and fertile surroundings, Shashamane is perfect for the production of cash crops and food processing and is expanding into animal husbandry, poultry and related value chains. The city is situated at the junction of five major transport routes connecting the south and southeast of Ethiopia with the rest of the country. The city’s industrial zone is growing thanks to low and fixed lease prices for investors and Shamshamane’s administration provides a one-stop-shop for investors