Sights & Landmarks

A traditional market in the city invites you to try tasty local food and drinks. The beautiful highlands of Ethiopia, in particular the Simien National Park and other mountain ranges around Shire, are fascinating places for hiking and trekking. Tourists interested in the history of Ethiopia will also be fascinated by Shire and its surroundings, which have been inhabited for thousands of years. In earlier times people referred to the landscape around Shire as the “Land of Heaven” – now the slogan of this prospering city.

Service Delivery

Shire’s administration is dedicated to making the city a flourishing trade hub, service delivery and industry point. This vision is supported by its development-oriented citizens. This dedication is shown in the provision of a 52ha industrial zone equipped with basic infrastructure and an efficient administration with a one-stop-shop for investment services.

Shire has modernised its administration and provides efficient services and infrastructure. Recent infrastructure investments, such as housing (more than 1,070 units by the end of 2002) and cobblestone roads stimulate the local construction industry, create opportunities for Micro and Small Enterprises and enhance the living condition of its citizens.

Finally, the city was awarded for its outstanding performance in health-care provision for the urban poor with a focus on woman and children. Sanitation infrastructure, such as public toilets, drainage and a new waste-management system are further enhancing the living standards of Shire’s citizens. 

Higher Education

Shire’s TVET centres are specialised in leather work and technologies, among others. They also lead with agricultural education, creating awareness among students about the importance of working in rural areas. 

TVET centres are:

Shire Endeselasie SDC:

(Tel: 034 44 42 80 102)

Shire Agricultural TVET college:

(Tel: 034 44 43 117)

Investment Opportunities

With its new airport, Shire is now connected to Addis Ababa by daily flights. Soon the paved road to Humera will be finished and provide a connection to the Port Sudan. Shire’s fast-growing food processing industry presents a great opportunity for investors; sorghum, sesame and other crops can be processed into highly profitable food-oils. The agriculture service industry is expanding quickly, including veterinary services, fertilisers, seed and pesticide supplies, agricultural equipment and access to microfinance. Other opportunities include mineral exploitation and mining, since the area is rich in gold, marble and even diamonds and has an inexpensive labour-pool. Finally, skilled labour is engaged in the growing traditional garment sector.