Welayta Sodo

Sights & Landmarks

Sodo hosts the remarkable Wolayta Gutara cultural hall and Emperor Haile Sellasie’s palace. Dive into the extensive culture of the Wolayta Zone in a small, beautifully designed museum. The city also has a number of historical stones, the Tikil Dingay, placed during the time of the Italian invasion and “washa” near the Ganame and Damota mountains.

Service Delivery

In Sodo community contributions, sometimes up to an entire month’s salary, have allowed for the construction of 11.2km of inner city asphalt roads as well as of a cultural centre hosting community events. By directly contracting Micro and Small Enterprises in the construction of 12km of drainage lines, cobblestone roads and the public Sanitation Facility at the Sodo Bus Station the city is drastically reducing poverty. Based on its participatory three year rolling Capital Investment Plan, the city is currently introducing the Dry Sanitation concept with the support of the PPP Ecological Sanitation Ethiopia and GTZ. Located at the Bus Station, this is the city’s first public Sanitation Facility and a technological zero emission alternative to water-based sanitation.

Higher Education

Sodo University is an active and valuable addition to the Agricultural Technology Institute and local TVET College. The city is undertaking an eco-sanitation project together with the German Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg and the Sodo Agricultural Technology Institute. Sodo TVET Institute, previously known as Soddo Construction Institute, is located on the way to the Hosanna 

More Information can be obtained via

Dean Ato Enku Jamane:

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Phone 046-551 25 00 

Investment opportunities

Sodo is a highly attractive place for investment in tourism, real estate, higher education, hospital construction and other industries. Major undertakings in Sodo include hotels, cereals, flour mills, pastries, weaving and livestock. Sodo is well-served by major road networks. The city is currently home to municipal investment projects in drainage construction, road rehabilitation, waste management, market upgrading, street lighting, relocating bus stations, supplying its fire brigade, developing areas for expansion and cobblestone walkways, which all significantly add to the overall appeal and service provision of the city.