Sights & Landmarks

Not far from Adama you can enjoy the amazing hot springs of Sodere, with its two naturally heated pools. Sneak a look at crocodiles basking in the sun and Colobus monkeys jumping from tree to tree. More wildlife can be found at the nearby Awash national park. An impressive volcanic mountain also rests beside Adama’s big mountain of Fantale. Adama is perfectly suited for a day to a week’s getaway from the bustle of Ethiopia’s capital.

Service delivery

Adama has paved more than 30.5km of cobblestone roads over the last two years and, through support form the regional government of Oromia, constructed 21.6km of asphalt roads. Today, Adama’s modern abattoir complex has been completed with the support of the German Development Bank’s Urban Development Fund, which is also enabling the construction of modern market centres. At the same time, the city is funding the construction of six bridges and drains are being built thanks to the World Bank/IDA Urban Local Government Development Programme.

More than 8,000 people have found work through the successful cobblestone sector by forming SMEs and competing in tenders. The recent growth of cobblestone roads is improving trade and transport. The city also has three hospitals, three heath centres, 35 clinics, two health posts, seven pharmacies and 31 drug stores. Finally, the construction of two health centres and one private General Referral Hospital are being finalised.

Higher Education

Adama University offers excellent teaching and research facilities to attract national and international institutions for partnerships and networking.

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Various TVET centres offer students theoretical and practical training in Industrial Technology, Construction, Leather Works, Auto Mechanics, IT and Business Management.

Adama’s TVET centres are: Adama TVET centre and Adama Polytechnic Institute

Investment Opportunities

Adama offers conditions which are attracting an increasing number of investors. The tourism and business sector is growing with modern hotels for tourists and conferences. Furthermore, modern shopping malls and supermarkets, as well as the entertainment sector, have been on the rise. Over 4,000 investors have invested a total of 6.01 billion birr in almost 13,000ha of land, creating job opportunities for 36,813 people. The city’s youth are the prime factor behind the city’s dramatic change and, since 2003, the city administration has been involving them through various initiative, such as: agriculture, house construction, animal fattening, trade, industry and service sectors