Bishoftu, hosts Urban Good Governance Workshop

Bishoftu is going to host the 10th workshop, starting from March 23-27, 2015. The workshop will be conducted in Pyramid resort and Hotel. 29 member cities will participate in the event. Along the workshop training on Urban Good Governance issues. Addis Ababa and Bishoftu will present their experience.

The Ethiopian Cities Association Launches new website

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 08 November, 2013:

The Ethiopian Cities Association (ECA), an alliance of 28 cities and network for cooperation, announced the launch of its newly designed website during the upcoming 5th Ethiopian Cities Week.

The ECA, with financial support from the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation (BMZ), pushed for the development of a new website to help realize its networking objectives and to reflect the changes the Association has undergone in the past three years. The launching, as a further channel of communication for cities, stakeholders and the public, is one of the major activities the ECA has embarked upon in the new Ethiopian year.  

As a promoter and advocate for the benefits of its member cities, the Association works on improving and expanding its internal and external communication channels, as communication between member cities is considered poor and its overall visibility is wanting. The new website, which is more interactive and elaborate in terms of content, presents a major step to enhance city-to-city cooperation, and to share best national and international practices.

Better means of communications will boost the ECA’s mandate of identifying, documenting and disseminating new, creative and successful ideas, systems and best practices in the urban development sector. The website will also be used to share policies, laws and regulations pertinent to the urban development of cities.

Overall, the ECAs push to actively resolve its communication gap to live up to its motto of “building well-governed and sustainable cities. Together”, is not only reflected in its new website but also in the recently developed corporate identity. Both will help increase the Associations visibility and allow cities to benefit from investment and tourism opportunities.  




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