Communications training for focal persons successfully concluded

From June 16 to June 19, 2014, the Ethiopian Cities Association offered an organizational communications’ training to focal persons of member cities and other professionals to improve internal communications and to develop new exchange channels amongst the cities and between the cities and the Secretariat in Addis. The training was given by the training and consultancy center of the Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU) and lasted a total of three days.

Ato Sissay Dejene, director of the Secretariat, formally opened the training and welcomed the participants who had come from across Ethiopia to partake in the course. He emphasized the importance of the training in regard to capacitating focal persons in playing their role in strengthening the network through improved communications. All focal persons and professionals, who attended the training, work in the field of communications and/or public relations in their respective cities. The director further noted that the main objective of the training was to initiate a communications network amongst the cities and brief individuals on the ECAs activities and agenda. It also sought to enable an informal exchange amongst focal persons, equip individuals with relevant skills, and identify preferred channels of communications in the cities.

The training did not only cater to the technical aspects of communications but also aimed at improving motivation and commitment of focal persons. It further included various activities, such as group discussions that resulted in recommendations for resolving barriers to communication between the secretariat and member cities.

All participants received certificates at the end of the training.