Dire Dawa hosted the 6th Ethiopian Urban Forum successfully

The 6th Ethiopian urban forum took place at Dire Dawa city for five consecutive days, from 15th to 22nd November 2014, under the motto “our cities being centers for Enterprises Development, will ensure the Renaissance of Ethiopia”. The event was attended by high ranking government’s high level officials including the President of the Federal Republic, Dr. Mulatu Teshome , the Deputy prime Minister, cabinet ministers, regional officials and mayors.

Aimed at asserting the thematic areas of Micro and Small enterprises, development and Job Creation, urban good governance, urban and rural housing development, urban Planning, urban Land Development and Management construction industry development, urban sanitation and beautification, the 6th urban forum entertained more exhibiting activities.

Along that there had been panel discussions among scholars, professionals and other invited guests on different concerns regarding the urban issues in Ethiopia, mainly on housing and construction, small scale enterprise, planning and land management and municipal issues were the major thematic areas entertained in the panel sessions.