The 12th workshop in Gondar

The Ethiopian cities association secretariat conducted the 12th workshop on urban tourism starting from feb. 25-27, 2016 at the city of Gondar for three days. During the opening of the event, the director for ECA, Ato Sissay Dejene welcomed all the participants and deputy mayor of Gondar, Ato Tilahun Mekuanint addressed a speech on behalf of the ECA and City Administration of Gonder,respectively.

The workshop which themed about urban tourism experience exchange incorporated different activities. Mainly three cities, Gondar, Arba Minch, and Harar presented their best experience regarding urban tourism along their challenges and future endeavors as a growing city.

On top of that a study paper was presented by AAU lecturer, Ato Abebaw Ayalew, entitled :<< Urban tourism in Ethiopia: challenges and prospects>> which focused on the ground situation in Ethiopian urban centers.

The workshop concluded with a brief field trip of historical sites in the host city of Gondar and also the biggest bus terminal in East Africa which is located in Azezo Kebele. The participants stressed to ECA that such events should be sustainably conducted in different member cities with different urban themes.