Sanitation, green and integrated urban planning workshop and training

The Ethiopian cities association in collaboration with the urban development and housing ministry conducted three days’ workshop and training at Bahir Dar town for stakeholders from June-5-7, 2016.

Ato Sisay Dejene opened the event through a welcoming speech on the behalf of the Ethiopian cities association secretariat while Ato Mitiku addressed the participants representing the city administration of Bahir Dar.

On the coming three days even, the event was launched through a short training that highlighted the science of urban green development on top of that the practical experience of Bahir dar was presented for discussion regarding the issue of green development.

Similarly on the second phase of the workshop, training regarding solid waste management has been given to participants. Following the presentation of Bahir dar’s experience on solid waste management, a study tour and group discussion has been maintained regarding Bahir Dar’s progress.

The crucial part of the workshop, which is about urban planning and integrated infrastructure implementation was presented for participants and at last a study tour and group discussion has been conducted on Bahir Dar’s experience on the issue.