Why ECA is Special

ECA is a platform for cities to collaborate and learn from one another in order to bring positive change. By learning from each other’s experiences through ECA’s platform, Ethiopian cities will provide considerable support to the country’s growth.

Achievement or Impact of ECA

  • Collecting and sharing of national and international best practices
  • Seminars and Workshops
  •  Study Tours
  • Thematic working Groups
  • City-to-city cooperation
  • Training’s Knowledge Exchange Platforms: To contribute to the capacity of its members, ECA has to date conducted a number of knowledge exchange platforms. ECA had in total conducted twenty-three knowledge exchange platforms. They consist of twenty experience exchange and learning workshops and three study visits.
  • Services providing: ECA is mandated to provide different kind of services, including information provision and conducting research, to members. Among those services mainly providing trainings to members was exercised by ECA.
  • Organizing Training (Trainings organized by ECA)
  • Strategic transformational leadership
  • Transformational leadership development and coaching
  • Organizational communication development
  • Managerial communication
  • Informative training – provided to potential members located in Oromia region
  • Project management, procurement and contract administration
  • Informative training – provided to potential members during the Ethiopian Urban forum
  • Transformational leadership, sustainable development goals & interest in public institutions
  • Informative training – provided to potential members located in Tigray region
  • Informative training – provided to potential members located in Amhara region
  • International training on project planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Inclusiveness, participation & peace building in urban policies


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