Annex 5 Synthesis Housing Integrated Industrial Parks FINALFinal_Edited_Ethiopia_New_Construction_Industry_Policy_22_June_2023Urban Finance strategy Document

Ethiopian Cities Association Study Visit to South Africa (1) (1)

Ethopian visit presenation (Food Security) (1)

IUDF Presentation to Ethiopian Cities Association (1)

Landscape Planning and Water front Development Practices of Bishoftu and Shashamanne As Case Study (1) (1)

Werabe City Urban Plan Implementation Practice (1)

The Small Town Regeneration Strategy presentation May 2022

Presentation Ethiopia UPDATED – MR MOLEFI (1)

Role of LG in LED Ethopian Delegation (1)

National Treasury11052022 Ethopian Cities Association Visit to COGTA (1)

PracticalCaseTwo economies_Sandton&Alexandra_FinalDraft_6May2022

Green Development Practice-gondar (1)

File Management Presentation final (1)

City of Johannesburg- Activity corridors as drivers of spatial transformation (1)


Presentation strategy -14

Bishoftu Workshop document-Refined (1)

Municipal Service Delivery Good Practice Document (1) (1)


Urban_Planning_Preparation_&_Implementation_Best_Practicecompressed_2020 (1)

Urban Good governance document all in one-2013 (1)

በከተሞች የእግረኛ መንገድ ልማት እና በህዝብ ተሳትፎ የተሰሩ የአካባቢ ልማት ስራዎች መልካም ተሞክሮ-min_compressed new(2) (1)_compressed (1) (1)

Adama best practice-min

Diaspora Engagement in Urban Development Good Practice Document   


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