Since its establishment in 2009, ECA has been engaged in a wide range of capacity building activities: experience exchanging and learning, and training provision activities. It has organized learning events for cities on topics related to infrastructure development, environmental management and provision of municipal services by organizing experience exchange and learning workshops, study tours, trainings and cities twinning. The Association also co-organized the National Urban Forum.

The major Services among others include:

  • Identifying, organizing and disseminating new ideas, systems and good governance practices on urban development issues;
  • Developing, publicizing and replicating new ideas, system developing, designing methodology, organizing a knowledge exchanging platform on best practices, policy dialogue forums, workshops and educational visits
  • Facilitating and arranging capacity building training and conducting studies and research on the urban development issues
  • Creating networking, information and benchmarking exchange with similar local government associations and platforms;
  • Participating in the urban development related workshops and publicizing urban related policies and strategies;
  • Organizing and performing national urban forum to sensitize urban citizen in the activities of urban development and facilitate public mobilization processes;
  • Lobbying, advocacy, and representing the interest of city administrations at relevant structures and platforms;
  • Supporting and advising member cities on a range of issues to assist effective execution of their mandate an
  • Building the profile and image of member cities.
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