(January 31, 2024, Shire Enda Silassie) Ethiopian Cities Association (ECA) gave a second round of training on good governance, peace building, inclusive urban planning and smart city concept and Implementation in Shire Enda Silassie city.


The Head of Tigray Region Urban and Construction Bureau, Honorable W/ro Almaz Gebre Tsadik, who started the training in her opening speech, said that the FDRE Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure and Ethiopian Cities Association have organized various programs at different times and are helping us to reach the level of other cities in Ethiopia.


In particular, W/ro Almaz, who said that they understood that ECA provided standard training on urban development concepts from the first round of Adama city, it would be very beneficial to provide the same training to other cities of Tigray. She also called on the cities of Tigray to participate in the ninth Ethiopian Urban Forum to be held in Wolaita Sodo.


The Deputy Mayor of Shire Enda Selassie City, Honorable Ato Teferi Hailemelekot, who delivered his welcome message, said that this training shows how we can make our cities comfortable for their residents and how we can solve problems related to urban development.


The General Director of the Ethiopian Cities Association, Ato Andualem Tenaw, reminded that the cities of Tigray that are members of ECA have not been provided with the services provided by the Association for the past 3 years and said that the training gave for two series will help ECA member cities in Tigray Region to get the services and move together with other cities in the country.


On the second day, the development works of Shire Enda Sillasie city were visited, and it was learned from participants’ comment that the work done in green development attracted the attention of the visitors and thus they are ready to implement it in their respective cities.


During the visit, the manager of Shire Enda Sillasie city Municipality, Ato Tekleweyni Thomas, said that we have discussed and coordinated many investors in the city to participate in green development.


Ato Tekleweyni said that various green development works have been carried out by these investors, adding that they were able to cover more than 8 million birr to carry out the work and added that employment opportunities have been created for many people.


H.E, Ato Hailay Tinsu, Deputy Head of the Tigray Regional Urban and Construction Bureau, who conveyed the message about the completion of the training, said that the continuous support of ECA for the cities of Tigray is commendable and has proven to be a learning platform for the development of cities.


It was learned that more than 30 participants including mayors and higher officials of the regional and zonal Urban and Construction Bureaus of the Tigray Region participated in this two-day training.

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