(May 21, 2024, Aksum) Ethiopian Cities Association (ECA) in collaboration with the Netherlands Association of Municipalities (VNG International) with the financial support of the European Union organized two-day training on the concept of Urban Resilience for the cities of Tigray today in Aksum city.

The head of Tigray Region’s Urban and Construction Bureau, Honorable W/ro Almaz G/Tsadiq, who officially opened this training, said that in this year ECA has prepared trainings for the member cities of Tigray Region in various urban-related concepts and these trainings have opened the door for them to gain new concepts on urban development and start to share their experiences among themselves

The mayor of Aksum City, H.E Ato Abebe Birhane, who gave a welcome speech at this event, announced that preparing this training in the historical and tourist city of Aksum will revive the conference tourism that has been stagnant due to the problems created in the last 3 years and it will also have important meaning for the increment of the flow of tourism in the city.

The General Director of ECA, Ato Andualem Tenaw, said that his institution is expanding its horizons throughout the country. Currently, they have members of more than 94 cities across the country, and this year 9 cities have become new members in the Tigray region alone.

Ato Andualem added that since ECA has been able to establish strong relations with various international organizations, it will continue to strengthen the ways in which all member cities can learn local and foreign cities’ experiences.

The Director-General also stated that this training has a special meaning for the cities of Tigray region and have plans to expand it to other member cities in the near future.

About 50 mayors and managers of the cities of Tigray region participated in this two-day training and they gave on their reflection that the training will give them great potential to solve problems; particularly the cities of Tigray can face and recover from the problems they have been through because of this training, Urban Resilience.



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