(June 7, 2023, Addis Ababa) Ethiopian Cities Association (ECA) is participating in third civil society organization week exhibition that is organized by the Federal Civil Society Organizations Authority, in cooperation with the Council of Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations under the theme “Proactive Participation of CSOs for Lasting Peace, Protection of Human Rights and Building Good Governance” at Ghion Hotel.


This is the second time that ECA has participated in the Civil Society Organizations Week Exhibition, which is hosting many visitors and ECA is promoting many of its activities that are performed by in the field of urban development.


Most of the visitors said that the effort in which ECA is doing to make the city clean, attracting and convenient for the residents and the activities that ECA are doing to build the capacity of the mayors and administrative bodies who lead the city are encouraged.

It is known that 75 non-governmental civil society organizations, including Ethiopian Cities Association (ECA), are participating in the three-day Exhibition and 8 panel discussions on various topics will be held, and many people will visit it.


(June 8, 2023, Addis Ababa)

The Ethiopian Civil Society Week Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion today. The event brought together various civil societies to showcase their works and achievements. On the last day of the exhibition, Hon. Professor Birhanu Nega, the Ethiopian Ministry of Education Minister, delivered a keynote speech emphasizing the invaluable contribution of civil society in promoting both democracy and economic development in Ethiopia.


Ato Henock Melese, the Executive Director of the Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council, also expressed his gratitude towards the participating civil societies for their active involvement and dedication towards making a positive impact in the country. H.E Jima Dilbo, the Director General of the Authority for Civil Society Organizations also acknowledged the contributions of Civil Society Organizations in the economic and social development of the country and appreciated their efforts.


The exhibition also served as a platform for Civil Society Organizations to exchange their experiences with each other and learn from one another. The event proved to be a great success and helped to pave the way for better collaboration between various civil societies towards achieving a better and more prosperous Ethiopian society.


The Ethiopian Cities Association also used the platform to communicate its services delivered to cities for other civil societies and visitors. This helped the society in networking and collaboration, and also enhanced the visibility of the organization. The event provided an opportunity for ECA to share its experiences and learn from other CSOs.



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