(February 22, 2024, Wolayta Sodo) The 9th Ethiopian Urban Forum, which was started with a grand opening ceremony and was jointly organized by the Ethiopian Cities Association (ECA), the Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure (MoUI) and the Wolayta Sodo City Administration, has come to an end today.


This event, organized under the theme of Modern Cities for the Prosperity of Ethiopia, officially was opened by the Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hon. Ato Temesgen Tiruneh.



In the past 6 days, 124 cities have been presenting their works in the urban development sector at Wolayta Sodo city, and at the same time, it has been reported that many urban sector concepts have been considered and discussed side by side.



This closing program was attended by the Honorable W/ro Chaltu Sani,  Minister of Urban and Infrastructure of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (MoUI), State Ministers of MoUI, the Honorable Ato Fenta Dejen, the Honorable Engineer Wondimu Seta, the Honorable W/ro Helen Debebe, and the Director General of ECA, Ato Andualem Tenaw, as well as higher officials of the Wolayta Sodo Zone and City Administrations attended and was a beautiful closing ceremony.



One of the benefits of organizing the Ethiopian Urban Forum is creating sister cities. At the 9th Ethiopian Urban Forum, many cities signed their signatures of sisterhood. Wolayita Sodo City Administration and Sheger City signed their signature of sisterhood so as to work together through social, economic and cultural exchange.


At the same time a basic document has been prepared and signed to create a sister city relationship between the city of Bishoftu and the city of Hawassa. On the other hand, Gode City Administration has signed a sisterhood agreement with Hawassa city. The city of Kemisse and the city of Sheger have signed an agreement to grow together as sisters.



In addition, 124 cities that were presenting their works in the field of urban development for the past 6 days competed and received prizes for the cities that won first to third place.



In the 9th Ethiopian Urban Forum competition, among the cities included in category one, Adama City Administration won the first place, while Hawasa and Desie City got the second and third place.



Among the cities that competed in category two, Butajra City was the first place, while Bale Robe and Nekmet City were awarded the second and third places.



Among the cities that competed in category three, Kemisse City was the winner, while Werabe and Limu Genet City were awarded the second and third place.



In addition, among the cities that competed in category four, Konso Karat City was the winner, while Gelgel Beles and Emdebir City were awarded second and third place.



Finally, the special awardee of the 9th Ethiopian Urban Forum was delivered to Addis Ababa and Sheger City as well as the organizer Wolayta Sodo City, while Semera City was chosen to host the 10th Ethiopian Urban Forum.


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