(April 23, 2024, Addis Ababa) The second meeting of the Advisory Committee to evaluate the ULGE Project, which is being implemented by Ethiopian Cities Association (ECA) in collaboration with the Netherlands Association of Municipalities (VNG International) with the financial support of the European Union, was held today here in Addis Ababa.

During the discussion, the General Director of ECA, Ato Andualem Tenaw, gave a presentation on the overall appearance of the Association and the ULGE project.

Ato Andualem also announced that through this project, the workshops and training that ECA has provided in the field of urban development are increasing and becoming preferred by its member cities.

On the other hand, according to Mr. Joppe Bastiansen, the ULGE project manager at the Netherlands Association of Municipalities (VNG International), the pilot project of ULGE’s Public Finance Management on Yirgalem and Bulbula cities have been greatly helped to increase their municipal income. In particular, he pointed out that the best practice of Yirgalem city’s income generating system has been recognized at the national level and can be expanded to other cities in the country.

In their comments, the participants of the second meeting of the Advisory Committee pointed out that the existence of the ULGE project has strengthened the institutional capacity of the Association.

Particularly, they pointed out that they are proud of hearing ECA’s efforts to get its own multi-complex building and the distance it has gone to establish an urban development sector academy, a center of excellence for knowledge transfer and an orientation center for new mayors and city administrations is a testament to its future development prospects.

In addition, they suggested that the advocacy and lobbying strategy of the Association, that was written on paper to identify pressing problems of the cities should be used and the monitoring and evaluation activities should be strengthened in the future to determine whether the training and workshops are being implemented.

Officials and experts invited from UN Habitat, City Alliance, Forum of Social Studies, European Union, VNG International and ECA were participated in this advisory committee meeting of ULGE project.

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